Masere’s promise remain unfulfilled


THE Weekender story on Friday by Paul Minga cannot go unchallenged in regard to Ijivitari MP Richard Masere doing some improvement to the electorate.
The question is why getting the photograph of the PMV truck where it is benefitting only a certain group of people and not all Ijivitari people.
The campaign promise Masere made is not fulfilled yet.
The operation “rausim sisoro” (remove sago leaves) has not reached the whole area of the Ijivitari.
This was a political propaganda and our village people who believed it thought they would get the roofing irons for voting him.
The day is approaching and what is Minga trying to tell the people of Ijivitari and the people of Northern?
The people have to make a decision whether to vote Masere or leave him out.
It is about time the people of Northern stand up and vote the right leaders.
When is Masere going to fulfil his promise because the majority of the Ijivitari people are yet to get the iron roofs?
Think carefully before you say and write something.