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81 students charged with cult worshipping, alcohol, drug use

A GROUP of 81 students is expected in court today charged with cult worshipping, homebrew and drug consumption and drinking in a public place.
East New Britain police commander Chief Inspector Joseph Tabli said two girls reported the matter to the Kokopo police station on Saturday after they were robbed of their bags and phones while delivering food to their boyfriends in the group.
Police found the 81 students at the Mamapua beach between Butuwin and the Kokopo Secondary School in Kokopo.
He said when police arrived, the students aged between 16 and 21 were allegedly in the middle of “worshiping” a young man.
The 81 were taken to the Kokopo police station where they were detained overnight before being interrogated.
“The reason we kept them overnight was because they were drunk and unable to talk properly,’’ Tabali said.
“On Sunday we began talking to them and called all their parents who expressed their disappointment over the activities of their sons.”
He said 74 had been charged with loitering and released on a K100 police bail.
One is charged with being in possession of marijuana and detained.
Six have been charged with being in possession of homebrew and granted a K400 police bail each.
The 81 students are expected to appear in the Kokopo court today.
The students are from the Malabunga Secondary School, Warangoi High School, Boisen Secondary School and Sunrise Code School in Rabaul.
Police will write to the schools explaining why the students have been arrested.
“While we will charge them according to the law, the schools will deal with them according to their own rules and regulations,” Tabali said.
He urged parents to know the whereabouts of their children at all times.
“If your child comes home late, question him or her where they have been.
“Know where your child is. You do not want police calling you to come down to the station or even worse the morgue to identify your child.
“Talk to your children every day. Remind them the laws are there to protect everyone in the community and breaking the law will see them facing police.”


  • Time to bring back corporal punishment in our schools. Such crap was unheard when the fear of the cane whipping was present in our schools. Discipline has also disappeared in our homes resulting in kids running wild.
    Bring back corporal discipline, punishment and have the balls to suspend or terminate repeat offenders.

    • Just terminate the whole lot of them. They are a disgrace to their parents and making the parents waste time and resources on them.

      They are also playing up with their own future. Otherwise, send them to jail for few months so they experience what life in jail is like.

  • It’s happeniong in all provinces yet such idiots go unreport. People know of such happening in their home, villages, towns and even in POM, Lae and Mt Hagen. It’s good that ENBP peolpe are reportiong such as these are detrimental to any society. Well done ENBP police and those who rerported. Challeneg to those in other provinces who harbour such and know of such,,will you report to your nearest police station or you ba kipim secret bkos you son, daughter, wantoks and friends are involve?

  • its very sad to see potential leaders of our great nation wasting their life in such stupid nonsense acts. It comes back to us as leaders of today being the parents, guardians, community elders, pastors, etc. we have to do our part in guiding & mentoring our youths, these young men and women to be good citizens of our communities and country as a whole. Its a problem we know about and are we doing enough to fix it by continuously addressing the issues and concerns, openly talking about it to instill the message in the young developing minds of the our youths. We have a long way to go with this and till we see change our communities and country will be a better place for all.

  • Generation Crisis…identity crisis…adolescent crisis…moral crisis…education crisis…law and order crisis…God alone will help them and PNG, Amen.

  • Curriculum Leaders and Managers. Teach ethics and behaviour at the early age till grade twelve level. Tighten up discipline codes. Administrators must embrace todays students life style and address it head on. An old dog do not know the new tricks. For the students, suspend them for a year till they are mature enough. Terminate the ring leaders. Carry out a research and find the root cause. This is a problem in all secondary schools. Primary schools are slowly adapted into the cult groups.
    Suggestions: All secondary schools should encourage national selection for all grade tens to avoid regionalism and cult promotions. Secondary schools should take grade 11 s from right around the country and not from their schools or from their Districts only. Over to the Policy Makers. This is good to show others around the country. Thank you police personals. Keep up the good work.

  • The result of children’s rights. There is no discipline in homes and schools because of children’s rights.

  • A generation of corrupted and confused minds. What does the future holds for ENBP?
    Shame on them.

  • Where were they think they heading, to their brighter future or darkest one. Such young generation, cannot even scale evil and good. This is ridiculous and their parents and school administrations should emphasize well on the importance of their lives and education.

  • It’s happening in all Province a trend that will make or break this Nation. Government needs to take it seriously to address this issue.

  • If I had a SON who was part of this group, he should be now be in his coffin box now.
    I will kill the idoit out of him.

  • This practice, I have heard in my time in school 20 years back and throughout these years , though I have not actually witnessed. I wonder if those who did this during their schooling years back then are living today or rather those persons from earlier generations. Is it really cult, or they are just ignorant stupid fools being misled by and pressured by bullying peers? I mean, look at it at all angles.

  • Since everyone suggests their opinions, I will only emphasize 3 main strategies for us as Papua New Guineans to apply;
    1. Punish those perpetrator involved in such Devilish activities since we are a christian nation.
    2. Discipline must start when your children are 1 year old, because according to a research of psychological development stages of human, the child tends to develop their sensory experiences from their surrounding environment.
    3. Parents are the number teachers. Make them fear you so that they may respect you, then what you do or say, your child will automatically adapt into it.
    So if Papua New Guinean parents start of their children well, I hope this issue will soon be eliminated.

  • I am sorry for poor parents who have committed all their time and entire lives trying to make them become somebody, now brings disgrace to their own family. If we do not dig deep in to this then the worse will come.Find out who started and where it started.How they worship and who they worship,This is the clear work of the devil that trying to destroy all future generation.Because its aiming schools where all the success of life is.

  • Policy makers on Human Rights & UNICEF and that of the Department of Education must now see for themselves what has happened to these poor students. It may not be their fault. If the policy was well debated and re structured to cater for PNG people according to our environmental needs and cultures, I don’t think these would have eventuated. The policy or the law is there, BUT; they should not just accept it as it is,,, NO, they should amend it by having to re-look at it from the PNG PERSPECTIVE or lets say our CONTEXT.

  • Human Rights is devilish idea to spoil human society. We have rules, norms and good cultural practices that promote good governence but it has been broken by humanistic philosopy. We need to sit back see where we went wrong…God is a source of all good practices so we must go back to God.

  • We have been bombarded with children’s rights, women’s right and all types of rights by so called experts who are truly ungodly (domestic and overseas) and see where we are heading – today we have so many broken family units with many children being affected due to women rights and empowerment. We see many broken home of single mothers and fathers so one can see what is happening. The current case is not only for ENBP only but for the whole country.

    Moreover, with the lack of punishment of our children we are sending to be influenced by others like peers and ungodly counselors. We must look back to the source of wisdom and understanding – our Lord and Savior and creator of the universe. We are not reading and learning from the word of god – the Holy Bible.

  • Waste of time writing to empty space. I think parents of those cult activities students should starting saying something by now.. In Morobe many parents are already aware of cult practices but cant advise their high school students or report these activities so where do we go from there now. Expel those students and sent them back to their parents to wirk on their customary lands forever. full stop. This country dont want them anyway.

  • As the student I see this situation as normal to every secondary schools in the country but the only way to stop this issue is to cut the cycle through the POWER OF GOD.

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