Media seminar for Catholic students focuses on creating videos


A media education seminar (MES) has been conducted for Catholic students in Port Moresby recently focused on creating videos.
According to the Catholic Bishops Conference, the first session gave the participants the experience of being in front of the camera.
It gave the students an opportunity to speak in front of the camera for 20 seconds on any topic they were passionate about.
At the second session, Social Communications Personnel, Nigel Akuani highlighted the different basic shots.
These were the wide shot, close-up shot and medium shot which the participants had the chance to try out.
The students engaged with each other and produced inspiring film clips within the limited time frame.
“The participants highlighted the different aspects of the family through creative ways”, said Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, Social Communications Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference.
“Watching the films and listening to the critical comments has been a learning experience for all.”
Facilitated by the Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference, the MES aimed to teach students the importance of media and the necessary skills to communicate using the different types of media. Schools which
participated in the MES were Marianville Secondary; De La Salle Secondary; Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko; Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu; Limana Vocational School; Caritas Technical School
and Jubilee Catholic Secondary School.

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