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MORE than K700,000 worth of medical equipment arrived in Port Moresby yesterday as part of a donation by Chinese business magnate Jack Ma through the Jack ma foundation.
More than 4000kg of medical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) arrived on a Fiji Airways flight from Nadi in Fiji.
Ali Baba founder Jack Ma supports the United Nations sustainable development goals.
He is providing PNG, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, New Caledonia and French Polynesia with PPEs for frontline health workers.
The Humantarian Air Service (HAS) is part of the Pacific humanitarian pathway on Covid-19, an initiative launched under the Pacific Islands Forum driven by Dame Meg Taylor and funded by the Australian Government for AU$3 million (K7.4mil).
UN resident coordinator Gianluca Rampolla said the UN World Food programme was operating the air service.
It will allow Pacific island states to access humanitarian supplies and allow humanitarian and medical personnel to move around the Pacific island nations affected by the restriction of air travel.
Health Minister Jelta Wong thanked the Jack Ma Foundation for the donation.
“These are equipment and machinery we desperately need as our Covid-19 numbers are rising,” Wong said.


  • Fijian Airways delivering the PPEs to PNG? WHAT ABOUT PNGs own national airline AIR NIUGINI?


    • Are you serious? We are broke. Our government does not even have the money to maintain our hospitals with regular supply of medicine, or pay salaries on a regular basis…and much more. We are a cowboy country. For every little thing we will beg Aussies, China, World Bank and ADB for money. We are dependent, not independent.

  • Where are these PPEs coming from? Where were they manufactured?
    Who is supplying?
    Is it safe for our medical team to use?
    Why Fiji airline is carrying?
    Some questions to think before our hard working medical officers use it because the recent outbreak started from the hospital.

  • Is the lockdown in NCD, does not allow PNG National Airline (Air Niugini) to deliver service? If the Air Niugini is not on its international flights, then cancel the domestic flights as well. Those PPEs brought from Fiji will be used by those in POM. Cases increasing in other Provinces, please do consider them to the nearest health centres.

  • Sterilise the equipment first. The new spike in cases began in our testing laboratories using supposively safe PPEs’

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