Mekere ads bad, local says

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013


A SENIOR citizen and member of the Lae Chamber of Commerce believes potential international investors will be affected by the constant barrage of paid media advertisements by the recently sacked PNGSDP chairman Sir Mekere Morauta.

Prominent Lae businessman Peter Honale said he did not have anything personal against the former prime minister as he had every right to express his views publicly, but felt the issue had gone on for too long and to an extent that he believed it was now painting a negative image of the country on investor confidence. 

Honale said since Sir Mekere was a member of the PNG Party, he should take the issue to his party leader Belden Namah to take it up in parliament.  

He said the Government had terminated Sir Mekere’s services and the decision was final.

“Let’s not drag our dirty laundry in the public. It’s a shameful act and for the benefit of the people of PNG, the good former Moresby North-West MP should consider the consequences it might have on our business community,” Honale said.

He suggested if Sir Mekere wanted to gauge interest from the public on the issue, he should host a public forum to debate the issues or allegations he had raised.

He said debating the issue on a public stage would clear matters once and for all. 

“I’m prepared to take the challenge up whether it be at the Unagi Oval in Port Moresby, Eriku in Lae or Andeye in Tari,” he added.  

He said it was a bad precedent that had been set to question the prime minister publicly.