Melanesian studies centre to host talks


The Centre for Melanesian Studies will host a series of informative seminars at the University of Goroka starting this week.
Speaking at the seminars will be Dr Mark Eby, Paul Mila Malbah, Ivo Syndicus, Dr Jane Awi and Dr Mathew Landu.
Malbah, author of the book titled Tui Kunjin, will partner with Dr Eby to speak on the importance of preserving indigenous oral history.
The Kunjin Stone Axe History Project in Jiwaka was formed as a result of the publication of the book. They work in partnership with UOG and the Christiansen Fund.
Syndicus, a former PhD student attached with the Centre for Social and Creative Media (CSCM), will speak on his thesis about how students manoeuvre social differences, cultural identities and student politics.
Dr Jane Awi and Dr Mathew Landu will speak on creative media and digital tools and instructions. All presenters will have a two-hour interactive presentation.