Members urged to vote with integrity

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

A SENIOR official of one of the country’s oldest political parties is calling on MPs to vote according to conscience and not  money when Friday’s vote of no-confidence is taken against the prime minister.
Khay Takiseng, Pangu Pati’s national coordinator, said: “I hear rumours that a lot of money has been exchanging hands to buy off MPs to vote for a new prime minister.
“This is not good.
“Leaders must vote according to their conscience and not because they will be paid a lot of money.”
Takiseng said leadership could not be bought and people who were aspiring to become the next prime minister should show credible leadership.
He urged parliamentarians to consult their voters.
“The people do not vote for the PM, it is the politicians,” he said.
“The people, your voters, will judge your actions whether you are truly acting on their behalf or for your own self-interest.”
Takiseng called on multi-national corporations and businesses in the country not to get involved by pumping money to support political parties at such critical times.
“I call on MPs to vote a PM based on his credibility and quality,” he said.
“Find out where the problem is and remove the problem. Do not let money dictate your votes.”