Members vow to maintain service delivery

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The National, Friday 7th September, 2012

CHIMBU parliamentarians gathered in the province on Monday and vowed to maintain the standard of service delivery.
Led by Governor Noah Kool, the MPs said they stood united to ensure services were delivered to the people. 
They were there for their inauguration ceremony.
Chimbu is ranked among the top five pro­vinces in the country in terms of accountability and service delivery.
Member for Chuave, Wera Mori said the efficiency of dispensing services to the people was because of the robust public service machinery, a good administrator and treasurer.
Mori said provincial administrator Joe Kunda Naur and provincial treasurer Martha Anton had done a fine job in managing the province and its finances.
Camillus Dagma, To­­-
bias Kulang, Lucas Dekena and other MPs present stressed the importance of good roads as a key factor of deve­lopment.
The leaders raised concern about the increasing number of drug addicts in the province and how to eradicate the problem.
They urged district administrators and public servants not to follow them around but stay in the districts and serve the people.
Naur told the MPs the public service in the province was ready to deliver services to the people.
Naur urged the politicians to put the people first in all their decisions.
Kundiawa Catholic Diocese Bishop Anton Bal, representing non-government-organisations and churches, said the churches and NGOs stood ready to partner with the state in service delivery.
Bal said a proper Memorandum of Understanding should be in place to define the scope of the work to be done.