Men, women suspects in sorcery-related killing

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013


A GROUP of people from upper Bena, Eastern Highlands, face murder charges following a sorcery-related killing near Goroka town last Friday.

Provincial police commander Supt John Kale confirmed the killing of Jack Umilimo, 50, from Kamex village, near Goroka town, and the injury of several others.

He said the group of 27 men and two women came in two truckloads to the popular Suave market in Goroka looking for a person they suspected of using sorcery to kill one of their tribesman early last week.

Kale said they ran amok in the market place and chased vendors before one of the women identified Umilimo as the alleged sorcerer and the men, armed with bush knives and iron rods, allegedly attacked and killed him.

He said the group of people were arrested and charged with murder.

They were expected to appear for mention in court this week, he said.

The police commander condemned the actions of the people from Liorofa village in upper Bena.

“Unggai-Bena MP Benny Allan has successfully converted the once volatile Bena people into very good law-abiding citizens over the past 15 years,” Kale said. 

“The churches and community leaders likewise are supporting him to make sure there is peace and harmony in Bena.”

“The actions of these few Liorofa villagers are uncalled for. 

“I have young energetic policemen in the task force unit patrolling the town and any such groups trying to cause law and order problems in town will be dealt with.”

The task force unit rounded up the group before locking them up.

A young woman from Elimbari in Chuave, Chimbu, sustained a deep cut to her leg and a young man from Asaro, Eastern Highlands, also received injuries.

Several betel nuts vendors at Suave market complained that they had lost cash and betel nut worth hundreds of kina.