Women among reserve graduates

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013


FIVE women are among the 48 who graduated as reserve police officers last Friday and they will be used to enforce the betel nut ban in Port Moresby.

The officers were picked from sections of the National Capital District Commission and City Hall.

Acting city manager Kenneth Atasoa thanked the constabulary for conducting the six-week training.

“NCDC is sometimes a complex place to work in because of the various cultures of people from all over the country working in the commission,” he said.

“This first batch of reserve police officers adds another power or authority to the commission. 

“The buai ban (effective from last Friday) will be entirely enforced by you with the help from the police and the city rangers,” Atasoa said.

He told them that their conduct and attitude in public were important because they represented the police force and NCDC.

Meanwhile, NCD/Central commander assistant police commissioner Jim Andrews (pictured) urged the officers to work hard and be committed to their job.

“The whole idea of the NCDC reserve police officer is to enhance and bring together the people of NCD and solve the law and order problem in the city,” he said.

The NCDC reserve officers will be based in various locations in the city such as bus stops and markets to ensure NCD residents were safe and followed the law.