Mentally-ill men killed

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

TWO mentally-ill men have been killed and their bodies thrown into the Laloki River, according to police.
Central police commander John Maru said Ben Tale, 23, from Marali village, Southern Highlands and Rocky Miani, 22, from Onumun, Rigo, Central, met their fate after running away from the Laloki mental hospital.
Maru said the two were part of two groups who ran away from the facility last week.
He said the first group of six had cut open the prison lock on Wednesday and fled into the nearby bushes.
He said after being alerted by the hospital, police and health officials did a search the following day and found five.
Maru said one of them was Ben Tale who was later murdered.
His body was recovered 4km downstream last Saturday morning.
Maru said another group of six ran away on Saturday night in similar circumstances.
He said five were recaptured the next day but one, Rocky Miani, met the same fate as Tale.
He said Miani was thrown into the river with a hook thrust into his ribs.
Maru said how the patients managed to cut the locks twice was a mystery and he believed insiders could have been involved.
He said the killers were still at large.
Staff at the mental hospital said Getzo Yamele, the chief executive officer, was out of the office and could not answer any queries.
The Laloki community, on the outskirts of Port Moresby, is shocked after being told of the news.