Milestone for InterOil

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The National,Monday 11th of February, 2013

INTEROIL marked its 100th crude oil shipment at the Napa Napa Oil Refinery on the back of a good safety record since its establishment in 2004.
The achievement came as a milestone for InterOil as there were no accidents or oil spills over the past nine years, underscoring the safe operation by the company, the Fairfax Harbour, tugs and pilot boats.
InterOil refinery planner Andy Castillo said the unloading of the 650,000-barrel volume of crude oil from Kutubu last Sunday marked the milestone.
“Most crude oil comes from the Australia, the Middle East and from the country but crude oil from Kutubu marked the hundredth shipment,” he said.
“The refinery gets 600,000 to 650,000 barrels purchased within a month by countries, depending on availability and price.”
The oil is pumped off ships to tanks and later transferred to processing units to convert to products such as jet fuel, diesel and gasoline, tested for quality and then shipped out to distributors.
InterOil is a vertically integrated oil and gas company with its principal assets based in Papua New Guinea.
It owns assets and operates through three business segments, the upstream where exploration and production takes place, the midstream where refining is done downstream where  distribution of fuel products takes place.
The company distributes fuel products to 50 retail sites, eight seaboard terminals, two inland ports and 11 aviation facilities in the country.