Mills to help farmers produce quality coffee


THREE coffee mills were opened this week by the Gumine’s community development agency (CDA) in Chimbu in conjunction with productive partnership in agriculture project (PPAP) and local community based organisations.
Components accompanying the wet mill were coffee sheds, water supply, nurseries, solar driers, electricity supply, conference and office facilities.
The Mul community shares the border with Salt-Nomane Karamui.
Agency founder Yani Smith, PPAP manager Potaisa Hombunaka and PPAP coordinator Bill Humprey handed over the projects.
John Wai, the Gumine CDA project coordinator, said: “We are lucky to get many components under this project.”
The project will enable them to produce quality coffee for good price.
Recipient Dominic Wai said the low price was discouraging but with the new facilities, they were confident that new opportunities would open up.

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