Portion of park turned into place for selling used cars


DUBBED the “second Ela Motors”, a portion of Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby is turning into a ground for car owners to sell their used cars.
Southern Highlander Trevor Kaima, 35, quit his job at Ok Tedi Mining Ltd and is now currently selling his 10-seater for K120,000.
He has sold 10 cars so far at the park.
“I always look for company cars on tender,” he said. “I buy, fix and resell.”
Kaima has been doing this for two years now.
At least 50 car owners use the area to display their vehicles daily.
“I’ve sold 10 cars already. I have been here for two years,” Kaima said. “I go and bid for cars at company tenders. There are some privately used cars with problems that are being sold. We fix them and then we come and resell.
“We do put some mark-up as well. Sometimes we make losses, other times we make a profit.”
Kaima has sold cars for prices ranging from K20,000, to K95,000.
“I previously worked at Ok Tedi for five years, came to Port Moresby and worked at Pacific Agro Service, then I went back to Ok Tedi,” he said.
“But due to the coronavirus, I am not at Ok Tedi and selling cars full time now.”
Kaima is married with three children and resides at 9-Mile, outside Port Moresby.
Another car owner, Eli Peter is doing the same.
She is perhaps the only female that sits there with her 15-seater bus selling for K95,000.
The mother of four has sold five cars already.

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