Minister calls for calm, respect for new officer

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The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 By Faye Mika

Health Minister Michael Malabag has called on local leaders in Lae to respect government decisions on the appointment of the acting chief executive officer (CEO) of the Angau Memorial Hospital.

He made this call in response to media reports about local leaders barricading acting CEO Dr Jim Abrahams’ office.

“What the leaders did will not resolve the issues that the hospital has entangled itself with,” he said.

He said the weakening state of the facility had greatly impacted the quality of clinical care resulting from a poor management.

Malabag said the appointment of  Abrahams was made because Dr Polapoi Chalau’s term had expired and Abrahams was the right candidate as he had been in the hospital for more than 10 months helping in rebuilding the infrastructures. 

He said the decision made by the National Executive Council (NEC) was not based on Chalau’s defiance to implement the new free health policy but because his term had expired.

He said the hospital since last Thursday had a new board sworn in and he believed the board was good and was capable to carry out its function to maintain the quality of clinical services at the hospital.

Chalau has assured the Department of Health that he would be taking further studies after his term expired.

The minister urged the local leaders, health workers and the community to work together for the good of Angau.