Minister plans fight against crime

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The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 WEWAK MP Jim Simatab has announced a simple approach to clamping down on law and order problems in the district starting next year. 

Simatab, who is Correctional Service Minister, said he would be establishing a law and order desk in each community in the district with the primary objective being the contact point between the community and police.

Speaking at a gathering on the west coast of Wewak last week, Simatab said the government was serious about developing the district but if lawlessness persisted, it would become a stumbling block to development.

“That is why we will have law and order community desks in each ward to act as the eyes and ears for police,” Simatab said. 

“This desk will report to police to attend to incidents immediately, using the mobile communication system.

“I will purchase a police vehicle to be managed by the district specifically for police to attend swiftly to cases when reported to avoid delays.”