Minister urges developers not to destroy mangroves


ENVIRONMENT Conservation and Climate Change Minister Wera Mori is appealing to those developing the coastal areas of National Capital District to consider the benefits of mangroves before clearing them.
Mori raised concern that a fair amount of mangroves around the Taurama and Bootless Bay were to be destroyed.
“I am appealing to developers and potential developers to take note that mangroves are one of the biggest reservoirs of carbon dioxide,” he said.
Mori said mangroves consumed a lot of carbon dioxide and that they needed to be preserved in order to withstand the challenges of global warming.
“It is no secret that we have the impact of climate change in Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“We must take responsibility in ensuring that mangroves are not unnecessarily removed or destroyed.”
Mori said the reality of climate change was very evident and could be seen in the ongoing bushfires in Australia.
“The bushfires in Australia is a direct testament of the direct impact of climate change,” he said.
“I want to appeal to those who are destroying mangroves around the city, to learn how to stop or look for better development alternatives.”
In an earlier statement regarding donations to Australian bushfire victims, Mori said climate change was something that was beyond any government’s control. Therefore, he said that Papua New Guineans should unite to face it.
“Climate change is a reality, it is a faceless monster, and it is a juggernaut that knows no political boundary.”