Ministry raising funds to expand


THE Jesus Ministry church in Lae is working to extend its ministries through music and proclaiming God’s message, senior pastor Tobias Mangiar says.
Mangiar said as more people joined, the church needed to expand its infrastructure and equipment.
Last Saturday, the church staged its third fundraising to support their aim of constructing a building at 14-Mile outside Lae, as well as buying musical instruments for its music ministry.
“Since 2014, when the church was first established up until now, many people have joined and that means the church building has to be extended to cater for the increasing number of members,” Mangiar said.
He said another area that the church was embarking on was the music ministry .
“We need musical instruments for the church to support our proclaiming of the word of God,” he said.
Mangiar said that was why the church members had, so far, conducted three fundraising events with different activities like sports and others to get the members involved and contribute towards the fundraising.
He said Goodman Fielders International (GFI) had been its partner in the fundraising events through the donation of some of its products.
“They have sponsored us with products like Skel Rice, Twistees and others which has been very effective in the drive and we are thankful for their generous support given in this cause,” he said.
Women’s representative Martina Charles said the women in the church were trying to help its youths with musical instruments and to help in extending the church building.
“GFI has been assisting us very well with their products in doing three fundraising,” she said.
so far and that shows the very strong partnership we have,” she said.

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