Mirisim will be the greatest leader

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 ON behalf of the Telefomin-Oksapmin students studying at Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang, I appreciate the MP, Solan Mirisim’s, vision.

We see him as a saviour of the people of Telefomin-Oksapmin.  

The Telefomin district has been denied infrastructural development for 37 years.

Such has been the neglect, it is always pronounced as the least developed of the 89 districts in the country. 

The current funding from the national government and DSIP to provide services for the people is what the Telefomin have been pleading for.

As a matter of fact, we need to have easy access to roads  and a reduction to the escalating prices of goods and services in the electorate. 

Mirisim’s affirmation to build a road into the rugged and mountainous Telefomin-Oksapmin region from Tabubil  and Kiunga is what we want. 

We are also grateful he has made education his 


The cost for Telefomin-Oksapmin students attending tertiary institutions throughout the country is high compared to students from other districts. 

Finally, we also appreciate the great achievement in the opening of a Bank  South Pacific (BSP) branch in the electorate among other developments so far.

Mirisim is a true son and will become the greatest leader in the history of Telefomin. 


Martin Kwendup