Miss PNG letdown by her team

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WE had much hope for Miss PNG but ended up disappointed. 
Her team had ample time to design a magnificent traditional costume to represent the four regions. 
PNG is so rich and diverse and I am still lost for words to see what I saw.
It is totally inexcusable.
What a letdown for the whole nation as her so-called costume was not only distasteful but embarrassing. 
Whoever designed the horrendous outfit must apologise to Miss PNG Rachel Sapery James and the nation.
The designer must be banned from taking part in such a pageant.
It was worse than a particular American singer’s wardrobe malfunction.  
I didn’t know whether to be angry or cry. 
In a nutshell, it was a fiasco.
A new committee must take over for the next pageant in Samoa.
Sori tru, Rachel, but you were conned by those you trusted. 
I truly hope we will learn from this contest and do better next year.


PNG can win