Mola blames Govt for high maternal death

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POLITICIANS are to blamed for the poor state of Papua New Guinea’s maternal health, gynecologist Dr Glen Mola said.
“Five women die daily, but the Government ignores the problem,” he said.
Dr Mola said the National Health Plan 2000-10 stated that every health centre in the country would have a mid-wife.
This, he said, had not been achieved.
“The plan is ending in a few months and we do not have a mid-wife in every health centre nationwide,” he said.
Dr Mola was disappointed that the maternal health improvement task force report, that was given to Health and AIDS Minister Sasa Zibe in August, had not been launched.
The report was compiled by Dr Mola and four others after results from the demographic health survey revealed alarming figures of maternal mortality in the country.
In response to that report, the minister appointed the task force to investigate maternal health problems.
Analysis of each province and district were conducted with finding out why mothers were dying, the cost of improving health facilities and solutions to improving maternal health on the agenda.
“The report was given to the minister in August, yet he has not presented it to Parliament.
“He didn’t even ask the team to present it to him until last month.
“Women are not important as far as politicians are concerned.
“Women can just die when having their babies, em samting nating (it’s nothing).
“Is that what politicians think? That women are disposable?” he asked.
Dr Mola said: “We have done everything we can, we have struggled trying to provide services with virtually no resources and the Government does not fund the health system.
“The minister does not understand what is important in the health sector.
“He should be telling  the Government what is important and what needs to be done,” he said.
Mr Zibe could not be reached for comments yesterday.
He is out of the country and would return next week.