More condemn attack on Manek

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AUSTRALIAN foreign minister Stephen Smith has strongly condemned the assassination attempt on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek.
Speaking in Perth on Monday, Mr Smith said last Friday’s attack on Mr Manek was cause for “grave concern”.
“It is a very serious attack,” Mr Smith said.
“We send our best wishes to the Ombudsman, the victim of the attack.
“Suggestions it was an attempted assassination are a grave concern but we will leave it to the Papua New Guinea authorities to investigate and handle,” he told The Australian newspaper.
The job of Chief Ombudsman is an easy one in which to make enemies.
PNG ranks 151st out of 180 of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to Berlin-based Transparency International.
The Australian National University’s PNG expert, Quinton Clements, said the attack was notable for targeting a high-ranking government official.
“The Transparency International ranking is pretty damning for Papua New Guinea.
“It does have a bad reputation for corruption. High level corruption as opposed to petty stuff.”
The Commonwealth Ombudsman and chair of the Pacific Ombudsman Alliance, Prof John McMillan, also condemned the shooting of his colleague and friend.
“Since his appointment last year, Mr Manek has dedicated himself to safeguarding PNG’s citizens through his fearless investigation of complaints against government officials and agencies,” Prof McMillan said.
He said: “His excellent leadership of the Ombudsman Commission of PNG and courageous fight against corruption have served to strengthen a well-deserved reputation for independence.
“This attempt on Mr Manek’s life is of great concern to the Ombudsman community worldwide.
“Mr Manek is a highly respected member of the Alliance, and a board member of the International Ombudsman Institute. He is deeply committed to the role of the Ombudsman in ensuring integrity in government,” he said.
“I am confident that Mr Manek will continue his work in the intrepid manner that characterised his former role as Public Prosecutor, and now as the Chief Ombudsman.”