More funds needed to address goals

Letters, Normal

I RESPOND to a comment by K Mala of University of Western Australia who accused me of misleading the country by stating that “PNG on track to meet its MDG goals by 2015”.
Firstly, let me state that I have not made such comments. 
The article referred to appeared immediately after the 2010 budget press lock-up where I presented the 2010 development budget to the press at Parliament on Nov 17.
A copy of my presentation is available to the public at the department’s website – pg
In 2002, I chaired the committee that localised the MDG goals and defined the 60 indicators and 22 targets that Mala referred to in his comments and that guided the production of the first PNG MDG report in that year. 
Presently, I chair the national MDG steering committee, so I am fully aware of the present trends and whether or not PNG is on track to achieve its MDG goals by 2015. 
As a matter of fact, the latest report on PNG’s progress in implementing the MDG goals will be produced by Department of National Planning under UNDP TA to be released next March although a composite report will be out next month.
In my presentation at the 2010 budget press lock-up, I highlighted that a key focus of the 2010 development budget is to address the country’s adverse social indicators by increasing funding toward programmes that specifically target MDGs.
The article that appeared in The National on Nov 18, immediately after the 2010 budget press lock-up had regrettable misquoted and misrepresented me.


Joseph Lelang
Secretary for National Planning