More urge Wenge to leave graciously

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The National, Thursday 02nd August, 2012

THERE is an increasing call on Luther Wenge to bow out graciously and not fuss over the election of Kelly Naru as the governor-elect of Morobe.
Wenge had publicly stated on Monday that he was still governor of the province and would challenge Naru’s election in court.
More and more people in Lae and the Morobe province were calling him to give it up. 
Ben Peter, of Lalan village in Burum Kuat local government area, yesterday said there were too many unfulfilled promises in the past.
Peter, a former Wenge supporter, said the majority of people from his area had rejected Wenge because he had promised 10 years ago to build a road connecting Lae to Burum, Limbati and Indagen but it never happened.
“Mipela no longlong, em mas acceptim defeat blong em, (we are not stupid, he should accept his defeat)” he said.
Martin Bingeding, from the Bukawa, said as in any game, there was only one winner and Wenge had the privilege of being in the position.
He had governed over the past 15 years.
Bingeding said the people of Morobe now felt they needed someone else to take up the leadership, and had chosen Naru.
“No one person owns that chair and if your time is up, it is up,” the mine worker said.
Stanley Garo, a resident at Malahang’s back road, said Wenge did not lead when the ethnic clash between Morobeans and Highlanders erupted in November last year.
This fight led to the death of five Morobeans with many on both sides sustaining injuries.
He said inaction by Morobean MPs and leaders then caused many to question their leadership.
Garo said the school money scheme being administered from the Governor’s office was another issue that caused disapproval among many Morobeans.  
During his speech to supporters and sympathisers at the State House – Governor’s official residence – on Monday, Wenge said he was still the governor, not former governor.