Mori issues warning to illegal loggers

Environment and Conservation Minister Wera Mori (left) and Northern Governor Gary Juffa leaving Parliament in Port Moresby on Friday. – Nationalpic by KENNEDY BANI

ENVIRONMENT and Conservation Minister Wera Mori says he will come down hard on companies who operate like “cowboys” with no regard for the country’s laws.
Mori was responding to questions raised by Northern Governor Gary Juffa on an alleged illegal logging operation in his province, which had been removed twice and was said to be back in Northern for the third time.
Juffa, in a series of questions, said the company had somehow gotten operational licences and was now operating in the province in defiance of the notice given by the department.
Juffa asked if the Department of Environment and Conservation would take action and what that would entail.
He asked if the department would terminate the company’s environmental permit and inspect the logging site to verify allegations of pollution.
Mori said: “I will, in no uncertain terms, come down hard on those who like to operate likes cowboys in this country and knowingly at the expense of our people and destroy our environment.”
“I am aware of the matter the governor (Juffa) is alluding to,” he said. “It is of great concern that we could allow companies to operate under dubious circumstances.”