Most ENB schools sorted out with tuition free subsidies

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

 SOME schools in East New Britain have received their first batch of the 2013 tuition free fee subsidies.

These are mostly primary and community schools and include Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Secondary School and the only national high school in the province, Kerevat National High.

An education officer in the province confirmed that most schools – the 134 elementary schools, 156 primary schools, 12 high and secondary schools and eight vocational schools – had received their subsidies.

However, he said there were about 13 elementary schools in remote communities of Pomio that either had their bank accounts dormant or were yet to establish one.

“Most of these schools have sorted out their bank accounts and only about five schools were still awaiting their subsidy payments,” he said.

“With the new arrangement where the fees were being paid directly into the individual school accounts, there was not much the provincial education offices could do to assist them.”