Mothers receive awards for contributions to ministry


THREE members of the Anglican church’s Mothers’ Union received awards during the 143rd Anniversary of founder Mary Sumner’s Mothers Union for their commitment.
The celebrations in Goroka last Sunday recognised the efforts of pioneer members of the Highway Deanery – Cathy Mondo of Siane Parish, Chimbu, Regina Winterford Adoa and Cecelia Karau of Mt Hagen parish. The union’s national president Rose Sitae said the three responded positively and were loyal in helping the unions’ growth in PNG.
Awardee Mondo worked on spreading the work of Mothers Union from Goroka to the Unggai Range and into Nambayufa and Siane in Chuave, Chimbu.
Adoa and Karau helped the Mothers Union to grow in Oro and in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands.
Sitae said Mothers’ Union was an organisation founded by Mary Sumner, wife of an Anglican priest, in England in 1876 to strengthen family life.
Since then, the Mothers’ Union had become the largest and most powerful women’s organisation in the Church of England, she said.
Sitae said strengthening Christian family living was the core aim of the union that involves mothers, fathers and the children.
She said the union was not for mothers alone and needed the support of fathers and children to make it complete.
She said the other objective of the union was for mothers to always revive their love in marriage to ensure family love is felt by the husband and children.
She said over 10,000 members in PNG contribute K10 each every year which was sent to anywhere in the world where people’s lives were destroyed by natural disasters.

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