Motukea landowners receive three coaster buses


SPIN-OFF benefits from Motukea International Terminal in Port Moresby have now started to flow to the landowners.
On Friday, landowner communities of Baruni and Tatana villages, through their registered and recognised landowner group Noho Mage Holdings Ltd, were given three coaster buses for a start by operator South Pacific International Container Terminal Services Inc (SPICTSI).
The landowners have a 30 per cent stake in the international facility.
All spin-off benefits, including royalty payments, will trickle down to every individual person through Noho Mage Holdings Ltd – an entity that was created by Government through PNG Ports Corporation to handle all landowner benefits.
During issuance of keys directors of Noho Mage Holdings Ltd at the facility site, SPICTSI chief executive officer, Anil Singh, called on landowners to utilise the benefits to sustain their lives in a long run.
“As far as our 25 year-life is concerned, I want to see that Noho Mage Holdings Ltd creates more wealth for its people from the benefits ICTSI SP gives,” he said.
“Those wealth should be managed for the collective benefit of the future generations to come.”
“This is just a beginning and we have a long way to go together.”
Singh said their commitment in engaging landowners would involve financial backing, social and professional trainings in skills development, given that highly skilled workforce were needed in this operation.
“Just like how Air Niugini pilots go for training in Dubai, we will also send kids from Baruni and Tatana to be trained as marine pilots and port engineers continually as part of our long term skills development for the locals,” he said.
Noho Mage Holdings Limited chairman Iduhu Erue, who is all for creating a sustainable future for his Baruni and Tatana people said this is blended in the company name itself which suggests “good living” in the local Motu Koitabu lingua.
While the buses would be used to transporting local port workers to and from work, Erue said cleaning and catering services would also come under the landowner umbrella company.

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