MP blames delivery for shortage of medicines


MAPRIK MP John Simon has called on the Department of Health to look into contracts signed for the delivery of medical supplies because they were indirectly causing the shortage of medicine.
Simon said area medical stores were filled with medicines but it was the logistics that was causing the delay in supplying medicines on time, resulting in the shortage in some parts of East Sepik.
“They must review the contract or award it to someone else because the delay is causing a lot of inconvenience,” Simon said.
“I think the Health Department secretary and workers should be commended for their services. They are doing a really good job to ensure that people have access to medical supplies.”
Simon made the comments after reports that the Maprik General Hospital was running out of medicine. He said the Wewak medical store, which supplied East Sepik and West Sepik, had enough supplies in stock.
“I drove to the area medical store in Wewak and saw that there were more than three months supplies of boxes of medicines available. So I don’t know why people are saying there is no medicine when the medical store is full with supplies,” he said.