MP calls for more focus on agro

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 HELA Governor Anderson Agiru has said PNG’s history is littered with the corpses of still-born policies and aging unworkable programmes and challenged the government and MPs to create vibrant opportunities for the people to really fit into the cash economy of the country.

He was speaking during the debate on the Consultative Implementation Monitoring Committee report of 2012 presented by National Planning Minister Charles Abel in Parliament last Thursday.

Agiru, a custodian of the LNG project, said agriculture was the way forward and it was the backbone of the economy of this country.

“It is agriculture which will drive the economy and engage the majority of the populace and create opportunities for them.”

He added that this would also help the thousands of students that would not be enable to find employment after school.

Agiru said the country was too focused on the extractive industry that were non renewable.

“Prime Minister and the Treasurer, I want to see the true colour of your money in agriculture for next year.”