MP failed, vicar says

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The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013


GOILALA MP Daniel Mona has not conducted a survey of schools in his electorate as asked by the government, a priest says.

Bereina Catholic Diocese education vicar, Fr Brian Cahill said the task force survey of schools for which K100,000 was provided, was not carried out by Mona.

Cahill said that while responding to media reports by Mona, who had called on the district’s health workers and teachers to rebuild their homes.

Failure on the part of the MP has forced task force chairman Paru Aihi to request the Catholic agency to provide the necessary information, Cahill said.

The information was provided to schools by the Catholic agency without any payments. 

Education and health were the two key sectors in the five-year district plan that was launched at Tapini during independence week.

The plan has already been formulated and launched but the church, being the main service provider, has yet to begin discussions. 

“How can anything sensible come out of such a plan when the church has no input in its formulation,” Cahill said. 

“Without proper discussion and analysis of the issues with the service provider, the way ahead with the right incremental steps will not happen and the same mistakes will be repeated.” 

Repeated requests by Cahill and the Diocese bishop for a meeting with Mona on education and health in the district, and related matters did not eventuate due to lack of courtesy, he said.

“This is offensive. A more sensible approach is required and expected of the current member,” Cahill said.