MP healthy, Minj unhealthy

Letters, Normal

IT is good to note that the Member for Anglimp-South Waghi Jamie Maxtone-Graham has now taken on a more important “national” task of educating Papua New Guineans on healthy eating. 
He spends a lot of time undertaking research for his articles.
Can the Member please make use of that time to visit his electorate?
Minj town is in dire need of some attention.
Except for the flour ball shops, the other shops in Minj are all closed. 
The town is overgrown with elephant grass, administration buildings are in derelict conditions, haus kunais springing up all over State land, Minj High School overgrown with bush, classrooms all in dire need of repairs, etc.
The electorate simply lacks good leadership.
After his visit, he can perhaps take real steps to fix problems affecting the electorate.
If he is not interested in fixing his electorate, he should resign as MP and take up a job with the Health Department or join the Post-Courier. 
The people really don’t care for fancy articles on healthy eating. 
They simply want their MP to deal with real issues facing them.


Waghi Dam
Via email