MP highlights plans to utilise K2mil for education in district


LAE MP John Rosso says delivery of any services boils down to proper fund management.
He said this when highlighting the district’s education support plans on utilising the K2 million education component under the district support initiative programmes.
Rosso said a number of education projects, including eight-in-one classrooms and headmasters’ houses had been lined up but would be under the supervision of the Lae city authority board (LCA).
“Schools that manage funds properly are given their funds to manage on their own while for schools that don’t, their funds remain with LCA board to manage,” he said.
“That is a good transparent way of administering.
“Also, all projects go through the board for approval and then awarded through the provincial tendering procurement process.
“There’s a procurement committee that does that and we make certain that we have the highest standard possible in our screening of contractors.”
Rosso said Taraka Primary School’s eight-in-one classroom was currently being built; Milford Haven and St Pauls Primary schools were lined up to receive their classrooms next.
He said once all headmasters’ houses in Lae’s 23 community schools were done, teachers would be next to get houses.
Rosso said with population increasing, teachers jobs were getting harder, and, hence, the importance of investing where it mattered like education and health so children could have the best service.
Schools such as Lae Secondary, Bugandi Secondary, Busu Secondary, Huonville Primary and St Martins Primary are few of the ones that have received some support.
Rosso also said parents should bee responsible to pay school fees.

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