MP: No money to provide relief

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The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

THE people of Anglimp-South Waghi in Jiwaka have been urged to take extra precautions during floods because the district administration has no money for relief work.
Local MP Komun Joe Koim said there was no money and resources to help the people affected.
He called on the National Disaster and Emergency Services to help the people.
“We have no funds and resources to assist people affected by the disaster. Therefore, the national disaster office must move in and provide relief assistance,” Koim said.
“I do not want to make a commitment when there is no money and resources to help the people.”
He said he was waiting for the district budget from the national government.
“Natural disasters strike at a time when we do not expect them to happen and we need to look after ourselves.
“I do not want to create expectations on people’s mind when the district does not have any funds.
“I cannot say or promise my people anything when we do not have anything.
“As I have said, we are still in the transitional period.”
He called on the people to look after themselves and avoid areas where disasters could strike.