MP pays power, water bills for people living with disability

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LAE MP John Rosso put a smile on the faces of people living with disability (PLWD) in the Papuan Compound by paying their outstanding water and electricity bills of nearly K6,000.
The vulnerable PLWD located at Javani Street, Papuan Compound, have been without water and power for almost five years.
Rosso said he visited PLWD in December to spend some time during the festive season with them and learnt that they owed Water PNG Ltd K3,768.23 and PNG Power Ltd K2,045.30.
Rosso delivered two cheques, presented to PLWD chairman Bernard Hipom in the presence of the PLWD community, bringing smiles to their faces during these hard times further burdened by the deadly coronavirus.
Rosso said able-body people could walk freely around to seek their needs, unlike PLWD who were vulnerable and could be affected by or in any situation.
“Thus, it is appropriate to assist in paying their water and power bills as per my promise in December because it is too cumbersome for them that cannot afford to pay,” he said.
Rosso also assured them about an initiative for a small self-sustaining industry to enable them to make ends meet.
“I cannot shed light over the disabled homes land issue because it was sold to two different people and the lawyers are still working on it,” he said.
Meanwhile, Lae urban ward three councillor Greg Daniels said that had organised some wheelchairs for them and Rosso would help transport them to Lae.
Rosso also conducted a Covid-19 awareness session to PLWD.
Hipom also acknowledged Rosso’s help.

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