MP plans to broker peace

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 5th September, 2012

KAINANTU parliamentarian Johnson Tuke plans to broker peace among long-running tribal rivalries in the  Eastern Highlands district.
Tuke said peace would pave the way for development and services to reach the people.
“My priority while in office will be to bring together tribes and clans with long standing rivalries to make peace once and for all to make Kainantu district become a peaceful gateway district for the highlands region,” he said.
The People’s Progress Party member and Vice-Minister for State Enterprises said that to a packed Kainantu Council Chamber last Friday while outlining his plans for the district.
He earlier said he would like to change the “cowboy country” tag of Kainantu town to turn it into a peaceful, friendly town and make it the real gateway town for the highlands region.
In a recent law and order incident last year, two major tribes, the Kamanos and Agarabi, fought a fierce battle in Kainantu  town, resulting in loss of lives and destruction of property worth thousands of kina.
Tuke said he was committed to bringing rival tribes together to end long-standing disputes and to create peace and growth for the district.
His other priorities for the district include :
l    Public servants and others who live off the Kainantu district budgets will no longer be entertained;
l    Will survey land in Kainantu town to distinguish customary and state lands for development for the common benefit of the people;
l    Will set up a Kainantu Special Project Authority to raise internal revenue for the district;
l    Time card be introduced for every public servant in the district;
l    Empower police with logistics to combat law and order problems; and
l    Installation of television signals to receive EMTV and other signals in Kainantu.
“I alone cannot achieve all these visions and aspirations, I call on all public servants, non-government organisations, churches, Kainantu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, business houses and leaders from every spectrum to stand united with me to bring development and change the district,” Tuke said.