MP Samb sees agriculture as key


MAKING Goilala the “food bowl” of the country by focusing on agriculture will bring in more services to the district, says MP William Samb.
“Goilala is a very rugged district in Central with poor services and development. Many mechanisms at work in the past were not effective to develop the district,” he said.
“The only way for us to attract service providers and infrastructure developments into the district is through agriculture. I want to make Goilala the next food bowl of Papua New Guinea.”
He said people must be encouraged to take up agricultural activities and be trained on how to move from traditional farming to commercial farming.
Samb said it was the way to address the economic and social aspects of the people in the district.
“We need to help people have money in their pockets to sustain them economically and decrease migration into the city.
“Instead of waiting on the government, we must think outside the box by creating avenues that will attract and seek the attention of the government and the service providers.”
Samb said the soil, climate and resources were available and the people must be helped to make things work.
He said some Goilala people were going to Port Moresby because to look for ways to earn a living.
“There is no trade store in the district because people don’t have money to buy. When people have money in the village, it creates a demand for trade stores.”

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