MP set to upgrade Lufa roads

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

LUFA in Eastern Highlands has taken delivery of a new excavator to improve roads in the district.
It was bought by local MP Jeffery Kuave and was transported from Lae, Morobe, and presented to the district administrator Wesley Loko at Kami village on Saturday.
Loko said Kuave planned to upgrade all roads in the three LLG areas in Lufa.
“Rural transport network upgrade is a top priority for us along with water supply, education and health,” he said.
“We will have fair distributions of district wealth to give the people to have equal share in the district’s wealth.”
Loko said the excavator would be used to open up access roads in the district as part of the MP’s plan to upgrade the road network.
“The people of Lufa will take ownership of equipment such the excavator machine and utilise them to the fullest to improve their livelihood,” he said.
The Yagaria LLG president also urged the people to take care of the equipment and stop demanding compensation for any work in their areas.
“Lufa district has given top priority to education, health and infrastructure where the machine would be used to upgrade rural roads,” he said.
Kuave also allocated funds to assist Lufa students at tertiary institutions. The money for the tuition fees would be disbursed by the end of this month.