MP tours district

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JIMI MP Wake Goi walked for eight days, touring his district to get first hand information on the basic needs of the people and inspecting the status of existing Government services.
Mr Goi even walked into the remotest part of Lower and Middle Jimi to sleep and talk to the people and experience their living conditions.
He travelled by foot from Koinambe in the middle Jimi area, to Simband in lower Jimi, accompanied by interim local level government (LLG) president Justin Menek and LLG manager Johnny Kam.
During the visits, Mr Goi also delivered coffee pulpers and cone markers for the local Koinambe airstrip.
“I found existing Government services were either deteriorated or non-existent.
“There is an urgent need to build schools, health services and better roads,” he said.
Mr Goi said he had committed K800,000 for the 14,000 people living between Koinambe and Simband to build a road, a health centre and the upgrading of the existing school.
“I had given K400, 000 previously for the cleaning up of the Koinambe airstrip as well as other infrastructural developments and pay for employees,”
he said.
Mr Goi had also been allocating K200,000 yearly from the joint district budget priority planning committee budget to the Koma interim LLG of Koinambe.
The allocations were used for development programmes and to pay salaries.
“K5,000 each is paid to the eight council wards to pay for other services.
“The interim LLG was set up in 2008 and will be given the LLG status soon,” he said.
Mr Goi is scheduled to travel to Ramu later this month to present a banana boat to the people to share with Madang province to use as an ambulance.