Landowner launches new company

National, Normal

LANDOWNERS of Hides PDL1 area have formed a new licence- based company and have lodged their submissions with the Government and PNG LNG Project operator Esso Highlands Ltd.
The company, named Hides PDL1 Development Corporation, was formed in Southern Highlands and directors led by chairman Thomas Tandape are in Port Moresby to talk with the developer and the Government.
Mr Tandape said the new company was set up by all six blocks within the project development licence area one to bring and facilitae tangible development for the people.
The new company has director representation from all six blocks in the PDL1 area and most were present yesterday to show support to Mr Tandape.
Mr Tandape said the Government, including the project operator, must understand that in the past a lot of funds were abused and as such this new landowner entity must be recognised.
The company will act as the umbrella firm for the PDL1 area and will subcontract to local landowner companies for various contracts starting from the construction phase.
Mr Tandape said the company was registered and operating legally with an office and would also have a proper administration and management in place.