MP urges people to work

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


PEOPLE from the Lagaip-Porgera electorate in Enga have been urged to work hard and earn their living honestly instead of waiting for government handouts.

Local MP Nixon Koeka Mangape was addressing locals on Wednesday at the Porgera station while paying out K400,000 to those responsible for cleaning the road and beautifying Porgera station and Paiam town.

“I cannot use government funds to give you individually as every toea is accounted for and will be used only for right purposes,” Mangape said.

“Those people who have spent their time to work hard, clean roads and beautify Porgera station and Paiam township are receiving payment for what they did.”

He said the K400,000 was paid to people who had been working hard to earn a living.

Mangape said lazy people would always be hungry.

“I am sorry to tell you this, but I have to teach you,” Mangape said. 

“There are no free handouts. You want money, you must work for it.” 

Mangape said more than 2,000 people were engaged to clean roads at the Porgera valley and beautify Porgera station and Paiam.

This included disposal of rubbish, cleaning drains, clearing bushes and planting flowers.

Mangape said the K400,000 came from the Joint District Planning and Budget Priority Committee.