Mt Hagen too dangerous


MT Hagen will become a no-go zone because there is no leadership, no management and no order.
People don’t feel safe there anymore.
Are there plans to bring the city forward? Local MPs;

  • Koi Trappe (Mul-Baiyer),
  • William Duma (Hagen),
  • Wesley Nukundi (Dei) and
  • Win Bakri Daki (Tambul-Nebilyer).

They should get together and discuss this issue and take responsibility. William Duma is not responsible for the city.
The national government provides grants for the city and funds are parked at the provincial treasury.
Acting Mt Hagen council city manager Peter Noki should explain whatg happens to that.
Currently there are two separate bodies in charge of the city – the Mt Hagen council headed by Peter Noki and the newly established city authority headed by chief executive Leo Noki.
Both Peter and Leo are playing the blame game and pointing at each other and because of that we are seeing rubbish pile upand informal markets pop up like mushrooms in the heart of the city.
Can Peter and Leo explain the existence of the two informal markets at Pope’s Oval, which druggies call animal or pig-dog market, and the one at Queen Elizabeth Park?
Who is collecting the tax?
Who is responsible for the rubbish that is piling up?
The two markets are controlled by druggies and steam bodies.
Women and children can hardly sell there because young men come around aboutthree or four times a day collecting “tax”.
Provincial police commander Jacob Kamiak needs to be replaced by someone who can bring the situation under control.
Pick-pocketing, bag-snatching, young men in groups threatening people with knives and walking away with their belongings and killings happens every week, and sometimes daily.
Major bus stops are the worst areas where innocent people become victims of crime.
Police have failed to protect people.
There is no order with Mt Hagen facing serious law and order problems.
There has been a total breakdown and no one cares.
Are our leaders sleeping?
Tambul- Nebilyer, Mul-Baiyer and Dei do not have a town of their own and the MPs should help the people there.
No one is going to do it for the MPs and a miracle is not going to happen.
I thank businessmen Max Kumbamang, Glen Komunga, Paul Ruing and Pet Duckwarth for developing Mt Hagen.
These guys have been around for long and they have the heart for Mt Hagen.
Also praises to Bintangor and Dae Won for investing millions of kina in this province.
People, Mt Hagen is nolonger kona kai but a breeding ground for criminals and pretty crime.
Mt Hagen is one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

Michael, Via Email