MTDP green light means end to Vision 2050

Letters, Normal

THE cabinet’s decision on Oct 11 to endorse Medium-Term Development Plan (MTDP) 2011-15 means Vision 2050 has been abolished.
This will now create less confusion among the public and development partners in PNG.
Initially, the Vision 2050 committee headed by Prof David Kavanamur was supposed to
set out the 40-year vision statement and stop there.
However, it created more confusion among the public by establishing the Vision 2050 centre and went to the extreme to formulate detailed strategies on how to achieve it.
By doing so, the committee undermined the constitutionally mandated roles and responsibility of the Department of National Planning and Monitoring as the central planning agency of PNG.
The PNG Development Strategic Plan (PNGDSP) 2010-30 and the MTDP 2011-30 formulated by DNPM, both endorsed by the cabinet, should be enough to form the first 20 years of Vision 2050.
Also the cabinet’s recent decision to abolish the office of the chief secretary is good because I believe the central agencies coordinating committee is the most appropriate body to perform roles that have been played by the chief secretary’s office.
Finally, both decisions will save the state a lot of taxpayers’ money, time and avoid duplication of responsibilities.


Port Moresby