Murder suspects among 50 arrested

National, Normal

TWENTY-eight murder suspects are among some 50 people arrested in Porgera, Enga province, since police began an operation six months ago to curb crime in the region.
The others were detained for theft, rape, assault, break-and-enter, cheating and other offences.
Acting Deputy Police Commissioner (Operations) Raphael Huafolo said Operation Ipilil began in April and that many unattended cases were investigated.
“The findings have been shocking,” he said in a statement yesterday.
“Many people were mercilessly killed by people in Porgera. The police and other law enforcement agencies there should have taken firm action.”
He said detectives from the Investigation Task Force (ITF) were investigating all forms of major crimes committed in Porgera.
The operation also aimed to reduce social problems like prostitution, illegal mining, bootlegging, drug peddling and illegal firearms.
“Crime and other social ills are prevalent in the province because of the mining operations at the Porgera gold mine,” Mr Huafolo said.
He said crime had escalated in the area due to the scarcity of resources and the rugged terrain which hindered police operations.
Mr Huafolo also said that two senior police officers from the Paiaim police station were arrested over the disappearance of K100,000 bail money collected.