Muthuvel upset by Kimbe shooting

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The National, Thursday 23rd May 2013


A MAN is in critical condition in hospital after he was hit by a bullet allegedly fired by a police officer in Kimbe, West New Britain, last weekend. 

An investigation team led by the Islands divisional commander Anton Billy is in Kimbe to probe the shooting incident. 

Junior Lilibur was caught by a stray bullet from a gun fired by the policeman who was alleged to have been intoxicated at the time.

The incident has drawn the ire of West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel who said the policeman had failed his duty as a law enforcer.

“I am terribly ashamed of the fact that members of the law can freely get drunk and break a bottle on the street with no sense of dignity. 

“It is hard for me to digest the fact that the very people we depend on to maintain law and order in the society are the ones causing disturbances in the community,” Muthuvel said in a statement.

The governor said he was frustrated that funds meant for development were spent on righting wrongs of irresponsible law enforcers.

He added that it was an unnecessary problem because law enforcers failed to respect their oath under the law to serve their duty and maintain sober habits and act sensibly with some sense of responsibility.

Muthuvel said the victim was flown to Port Moresby for treatment at the expense of his office.

“It is obvious that law and order problems are becoming a major hindrance for development in the province,” he said.  

“It is very easy to destroy something but it takes effort, commitment and hard work and takes time to build something.

Muthuvel urged people to make a citizen’s arrest of policemen, warders and public servants who were intoxicated and causing nuisances in public places.

He said it was time for people stand up for what was right because bad things continued to happen because good people chose to remain silent.