Namah can bring about change

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

I AM not pleased with some of the cri­ticisms made against Belden Namah who is a citizen of PNG just like the rest of us.
Foreigners can be forgiven if they do not understand the situation that we are facing.
I support Peter O’Neill but, unfortunately, he has the wrong leaders with him.
Papua New Guineans must see the country and problems from a different point of view.
Since our independence, the life of the majority of people has not changed.
Our crime rate is high, water supply is poor, the remote areas are without electricity supply, many health centres lack medicines, roads and road networks are poor, our tax rates are high, etc.
People should see all this before they say anything negative about Namah.
We need a change and a new kind of leader to take us to another level.

Silent Observer