Namah: District will pay


By REBECCA KUKU in Vanimo, West Sepik
THE VANIMO-Green district office will pay the school fees of all students in its electorate.
Local MP and Opposition Leader Belden Namah said he would pay the parents component of the revised tuition fee free (TFF) policy because human resource development was one of his priorities.
“I was the one who argued with the Government to keep the TFF Policy last year during the National Budget debate because there was no awareness made to inform parents and give them enough time to prepare,” he said.
“It was just a sudden decision and I’m sure many parents were caught off guard.
“That is why the Vanimo-Green district office will pay the 50 per cent TFF of the parents’ component,” he said.
Namah also called on all schools in the district not to turn away students when school started.
“The district office will work closely with the provincial education manager to ensure that the 50 per cent component for parents are all paid from elementary schools to high school and secondary schools. So Parents, this is a two way thing, I am doing my part and your part is to ensure that your children have uniforms and food to eat and attend classes,” he said.