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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has called on Police Minister Bryan Kramer to make public the internal audit he conducted on the K23 million Covid-19 funds.
Namah said Kramer had committed himself to completing the internal audit in seven days. It is now more than 21 days.
“You can’t make such statements and do the audit (because) you are not an auditor,” Namah said.
Kramer told The National last night that he would comment on Namah’s outburst later.
But he had said on April 28 that an external audit would be conducted into the K23mil “should the internal audit show evidence that it had been misused”.
It followed allegations of the misuse of the funds circulated on social and mainstream media.
Kramer said the K23mil was held in the government’s health services improvement programme (HSIP) trust account.
It required that an annual independent audit be conducted in agreement with donor partners.
He said the state of emergency executive committee chaired by Prime Minister James Marape had agreed to have it investigated.
Namah said yesterday the audit should be done by an independent audit team, and not the police minister.
Namah criticised the Government for failing to address the “hot spot” areas by putting more funding into protecting the border provinces.
Namah, the Vanimo-Green MP from West Sepik, said Indonesia’s Covid-19 cases were increasing at an alarming rate.
“Most of the Covid-19 funding is being wasted in Port Moresby,” he said.
“We have been hearing cases of positive, then negative, then positive.
“I do not see why the funds are been concentrated too much in Port Moresby.”
He said only K2mil was allocated for the border provinces “and that money has not reached us yet”. “We are lucky that we have a provincial government who is working in collaboration with our brothers in the East Sepik government to ensure that our people are protected,” he said.
Namah called on the Government to focus on West Sepik and Western who shared land with Indonesia.
Meanwhile, Namah also called on security officers on Covid-19 operations at the borders to remember that the state of emergency was “not a security one but a public health one”.
“You are there to assist the provincial government and the provincial health authority,” he said.


  • Apart from the audit row, the furious gentlemen there do have a point. It is just a matter of time before someone from the other side of the border crosses over with the virus; either our own country men or an outsider.
    The Government should on the health issue too

    • Well balanced statement, Hon. Member and Opposition Leader. Belden Namah

      We need a well balanced side for good a corrupt free governance.

  • Thank you Namah for applauding the good work of ESP Governor Allan Bird and you forgot to mention about Vanimo Green. Your people gaining easy entry into Indonesia to and fro and likely to spread and increase COVID 19 virus.

  • The Border provinces have been neglected by the successive Governments since Independence and I agree with the opposition Leaders comments for the Government to focus on West Sepik and Western to put more funding to address the hot spot areas. Eg, Western Province is in a very high risk area sharing the two (2) International Borders (1) Australia in the South and (2) Indonesia in the West. People move in and out freely with out much control with so many entry points, unmanned and could easily bring in plants and animals and exotic pests and diseases including covid 19, and wipe off our established industries eg, Poultry and coffee industries in the country. Our Border Posts must be permanently established as soon as possible with the presence of Border Development Authority, NAQIA, Customs, Immigration and Defence for the security of our country.

  • We are not interested to see the audit report of the Police Minister. We want to see Police Investigation Report of the COVID 19 Funds because a formal complaint was laid to the Police Fraud Investigation Team to investigate.

  • Keep up the good work Hon Belden Nama. Put them in Check and balance . Mr Brian Kramar is not the Auditor however he was an MP for Madang and Police Minister. K23 million is not police operational grants. Please, leave it the Auditors to do the job. Present your audit report.

  • Keep on putting government under spotlight. Good work Namah. However, you also need to take heed of time, materials and resource availabilty to furbuish the audit report. otherwise, a subsequent time is needed ensuring every protocols and procedures entailing the audit processes are adhere to.

  • The people of Papua New Guinea wants to know how the K23 millons was spent and used. Is it for COVID 19 or other diverted projects.
    Thank you Hon Beldan Namah continue to hold them by their neck. Audit Reports will only verified all spending done on COVID 19 related procurements. if there is no reports, something is wrong along the line with massive loopholes that is why Opposition leader is firing his audits missiles to the Police Minister and the National Government.
    Good one Hon BN

  • Namah is the best opposition.

    Kramer should not throw words like he would do an audit. We know Kramer is best in his facebook attacks and big mouthing but when it comes to reality, he is incompetent.

    Stop misleading people and do the right thing by allowing reputable auditors to do the job.

    Your words which you promised to do are under the water. They have no meaning just like other opportunists during last year.

    Proof you can do at least one good thing that will impress your gullible followers.

    Your police department and the officers have gone from bad to worst with so much corruption and police brutality.

    You can get into power with lies but you will lose all that you got in the same way when your right time comes.

  • Little Kramer must know that Namah is an old dog. He is not a new kid in town.

    Your police dept is corrupt and you need to do something before the election.

  • Why do we have positive cases reported in PNG and todate we do have a record of its transmission. Give us a good explanation also on that.

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