Nambawan Super members get discount

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MEMBERS of Nambawan Super and their beneficiaries can now benefit from a 25% discount for funeral expenses. 
This has been made possible through an alliance recently established between Nambawan Super Ltd and the Funeral Home in Port Moresby.
Nambawan Super managing director Leon Buskens said this was a very good discount proposal given by the Funeral Home management to assist members of Nambawan Super and they were pleased to accept the plan.
Members of the Nambawan Super or their beneficiaries can obtain the 25% discount which covers funeral costs in the preparation of the deceased member’s body or the beneficiaries of the member.
Funeral Home managing director Ruel Douglas Agonia said this was a new plan arranged with Nambawan Super, and the focus was to provide assistance to the majority of the members who were low-to-middle income earners who often face financial difficulties when it comes to funeral expenses.
“Our organisation believes that everyone regardless of their ethnic background or status in society deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in the event of their death and therefore their lifeless body should be prepared by professionals for their loved ones to view,” Mr Agonia said.