Naru backs asylum seeker deal

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The National, Monday August 5th, 2013

 MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru has thrown his support behind the regional resettlement agreement on asylum seekers between Australian and PNG.

“Upon my conscience and humble view where it matters, it was healthy for the country to demonstrate its position in its global and regional roles and responsibilities to take leadership in such international obligations,” Naru said.

“It’s about time we, as a country, remain prepared, come out and demonstrate our capability to assist our neighbour in international obligations,” he said.

“The assistance is in a reciprocal manner in which the Australian government stands ready to assist us.”

Naru said PNG could not reject such a deal as a member of global community and the leaders who rejected and argued over the agreement were “egotistic and short-sighted”.

He said such a deal brought tangible opportunities in economic activities and infrastructure development for Papua New Guinea.

Naru backed comments by Lae Chamber of Commerce president Allan McLay that  the resettlement of asylum seekers would create more economic activities, including employment opportunities.

“In terms of infrastructure development, Lae, as the industrial hub, will benefit more in terms of providing and supplying required materials and equipment to build the asylum centre to again contribute to the national purse through goods and services tax collected,” Naru said.